Ambitious growth plans at Basford United

Tony Incenzo caught up with Basford Utd to find out how they plan to use their share of the Buildbase £100K Transfer Deal.

Basford United is the latest winner in the Buildbase £100K Transfer Deal – our brilliant initiative set up to improve and renovate the facilities of clubs playing in the Buildbase FA Trophy and Vase competitions.

Lifelong non-league football supporter and TalkSPORT pundit Tony Incenzo travelled to the Nottingham area to see what the club plans to do with the £25,000 worth of building materials.  Chairman, Chris Munroe showed Tony around.

“The clubhouse currently serves 45 standing and seating users, which isn’t really suitable for the needs of the club or for the community so we’re looking to expand that by three times,” said Chris. “That will allow us to hold functions, use at night time and more importantly use during the day for the community.”

As part of Basford’s ambitious growth plans, they plan to expand the front of their clubhouse by six meters to create a first floor extension. The interior will be remodelled and support beams put in place while the internal walls are demolished.

Chris added, “we have plans as well to extend the kitchen and make the internal area more conducive and suitable for the community use we want to achieve.

“This project has massive community benefits as we can have this open now from morning right through to night, serving different user groups…. This was more than just for a football club it was for an actual community.”

Chris has been with Basford United for nearly 40 years so this project is close to his heart. He said, “It was the first football club I played for when I left school so for me to fulfil this ambition and objective is something that’s really important to me.

“We’ve expanded massively as a club from one team to 25 teams, so we do have our challenges in terms of the size of the facility, what we can do, what we have to provide for.

“The Buildbase bursary is fantastic for clubs like Basford and for non league football because it gives us a means to achieve our dreams and our aspirations by using funds that normally it’s very difficult to attract from the authorities, so it is a real important benefit for clubs like us and the Buildbase products and the bursary will allow us to hopefully keep that expansion going.”

Basford United has been talking to their local Buildbase branch to source the materials they need. Chris explained, “we’ve actively used Buildbase over the years for a lot of our projects. Obviously we’ve got a good close working relationship with them and we’ve been in touch with Buildbase after winning the award and we look forward to starting that project as soon as we can.

“To win the Buildbase bursary for a club like Basford is superb, it’s a great feeling… All our volunteers, even our junior members are so excited because of what it can bring to the club.”

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