National sandwich day – the best sandwiches to have on-site

Buildbase is all for having a decent butty break in the working day – but what should you look for in a sandwich? After all, it’s National Sandwich Day today!

Did you have breakfast?

Do you have breakfast at home or on-site and does that mean having a different butty at lunchtime?

A bacon, egg and sausage barm cake (or roll, cob, bun…depending where you live in the UK) has a calorie count of between 760 and 880, with more than 50% fat. That’s going to take the equivalent of more than an hour’s running or cycling to burn off – and that’s before you’ve lifted a brick or hammered in a nail…

If you prefer the healthier breakfast choice – like Weetabix – then your intake is more like 136 calories and zero fat. That gives you permission to really pig-out at lunchtime!

Sandwiches – homemade or shop-bought?

The British Sandwich Association (yep, that’s a real thing) says that four billion sandwiches are bought every year. At an average cost of £2.14, that’s a whopping amount we spend on bread and fillings!

So, what’s best – bringing your own sandwich or going to the shop?

It’s cheap as you like to make your own lunch – and you get to put whatever you want in the sandwich – even if that’s just cheese and onion crisps. But what’s going to last in your lunchbox until mid-day and still taste good?

  • Cheese – pretty sturdy, even after a few hours out of the fridge. With a bit of pickle, it’s an old classic.
  • Tuna fish – high in protein for you bodybuilders and low in fat. Mix in with some mayonnaise and sweetcorn and you can’t go far wrong. Can get sloppy in sliced bread after a while.
  • Egg mayonnaise – cheap as chips (ooh, who said chips? Is that allowed at lunchtime?) and good even after being in your pocket for half a day. But life’s too short to be mashing hard boiled eggs at seven in the morning.
  • Prawns – not a favourite of former Man Utd hardman, Roy Keane, but pretty tasty with a bit of seafood sauce and – like tuna – high in protein, low in calories.
  • Ham – bacon’s cooler cousin: after cheese, probably the easiest ingredient to slap on a roll and go. Tastes good with just about everything, but not great for the cholesterol or salt levels.
  • Chicken breast – mostly protein with about a quarter being fat. If you’re daring, add it to curry-flavoured mayonnaise for the full Coronation effect. If it was good enough for the Queen’s banquet in 1953, it’s good enough for lunch now.
  • Fish fingers – unbeatable when hot with a splodge of tartare sauce, but debatable how good they’ll taste cold on a building site.
  • Hummus – well, it’s just getting silly now…
  • Salad (added to any of the above) – salad tends to be at its best when just out of the fridge, not at above room temperature four hours later. Sliced tomatoes, normally tasty, will turn your sandwich into a soggy, collapsing mess that even the dog wouldn’t eat.

If none of that appeals to you, then maybe you’ll just have to go along with the most popular UK sandwich filling of 2020 according to the Daily Mail – bacon. Maybe not every day!

And if bread and fillings really aren’t your thing after all, there’s always soup. But you’ll have to wait for National Homemade Soup Day in February. That’ll give you time to catch an Ox’s tail.