Top 10 Christmas gifts for the tradesperson in your life

What can you get your favourite tradesperson for Christmas?

New socks, a festive jumper and a chocolate orange might be the obvious stocking fillers, but what are the gifts that keep on giving when they’re back on the job in January?

  1. Real coffee on the move

Tired of the dishwater they serve as “coffee” in the local greasy spoon? Well, the AeroPress coffee maker is portable, doesn’t cost the earth and promises the “smoothest, richest coffee you ever tasted”. It does this with “total immersion” and “rapid filtering”, whatever that means

2. Flask that actually keeps your brew hot (for hours!)

If nothing beats a home-brewed cuppa, then a Chilly’s Bottle claims to keep hot drinks hot for 12 hours (and cold drinks cold, for the one week of British summertime). They come in all types of colours and pictures, from plain to very fancy, limited edition artists’ designs.

3. Big lunch box

Turning over a new leaf on lunches and leaving out the fish and chips? The Makita lunch bag is, frankly, massive. If you believe the reviews, it’ll pack in sandwiches, fruit, a drink, crisps and even a flask.

4. Rugged smartphone for tough times

Would it be nice to see the phone apps behind a shattered screen or not have to replace another flimsy mobile after dropping it for the 100th time? The Blackview Pro has a metal frame with reinforced edges surrounded by rubber to absorb shocks and make it totally grip-able.

5. Retro tool bag stylee

All tool bags/boxes don’t have to be just functional – they can be cool too. The Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag is just that, so you can look stylish and keep all your kit together.

6. The magic of magnetism

Forever dropping or losing metal tools? Magnogrip makes a range of magnetic tool belts, holders and wristbands that make sure your metal items don’t go walkabout.

7. Crime-busting toolboxes

Don’t spoil Christmas by letting light-fingered louts get their hands on your precious tools and equipment. A proper, hard core Van Vault tool storage box will keep the thieves at bay.

8. Smooth operators

All that working with your hands doesn’t mean you have to live with rough skin. O’Keeffe’s range of hand creams in handy pots and tubes makes dry, cracked skin a thing of the past.

9. Winter warmth and light in one

The Oumeiou, knitted beanie hat doesn’t just keep your head warm: its rechargeable head lamp means you carry on working outside, even when the sun goes down.

10. Bring your own tunes

When you can’t take any more Golden Hits radio, the Dewalt Bluetooth speaker means you can stream Metallica – or Little Mix, whatever gets you moving – all day long.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Buildbase and, go on, give your hard-working man or woman a special treat under the tree this year!

Disclaimer: Buildbase has not been endorsed to promote any products stated in the article.