Top 5 reasons you should have a tea break

Don’t be blue mate, have a brew!

Who doesn’t love a cuppa? You’d think everyone in the UK loves a brew. There’s at least one hero in every team that boldly takes on the on-site tea round, but around 13% of UK workers don’t believe in the power of a brew! They see it as a waste of time that has no benefit – they don’t know what they’re missing! We get it, it’s easy to get carried away with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We’ve all got a job to do and no one want’s to be a ‘half-a-job Bob’… BUT it’s been proven that having tea breaks are beneficial to getting the job done and keeping you in top shape both physically and mentally.

Rest to be the best

We know it’s easy to just ‘grab and go’ but you’ve got to give yourself a break. There’s not a lot of rest for workers in the construction industry with the hefty workloads and long hours of grafting, so it’s important you find the time to rest, even if for a little while, to get your strength back and to continue doing a tidy job.

No mess, stress less

Most of us have probably been comforted by a brew when we are sick, sad or need to chill out, but it turns out it’s not psychological. That’s right, it’s not just a cliché – Tea actually makes your feel better. There’s a particular amino acid in tea called ‘Theanine’ which has been proven to lower stress levels, and with the mix of caffeine, it gives you a brain boost and improves your mood. Plus, you can’t deny the relaxing sensation of a hot drink!

Work smart, not hard

Sure, having a tea break means you are working for less time, but taking a small break away from working has shown an increase in productivity because you’re giving yourself a moment to recharge. Plus, it’s a great time to have a chat with your work mates and have a bit of banter.

A moment to be mindful

More importantly, stepping away from work for a short amount of time is a perfect time to check in with yourself, ask how you’re feeling physically and emotionally. It’s important to make sure you are well in every sense to not only ensure you’re giving your best at work, but that you are also living your life to the fullest and happiest.

Connect with others

Most importantly, having a tea break gives you a chance to chat and connect with others. There’s a stigma within the construction industry that it’s not the done thing to be open about how you are feeling – this is a lie. As work mates, friends and as people together it’s okay to acknowledge to yourself and to others if you are feeling depressed, anxious or struggling with something in your life. Take the time to connect. If someone says “Fancy a cuppa?”, take the offer and have a chat – just go easy on the bourbon biscuits.